Original Album: Anireal

This is the first time where I created an album that acts as an audio biography. In contrast to Neon Arcade’s release in 2014, Anireal approaches the dark subject of child abuse. This project was made to show the journey of a girl initially feeling mentally shackled to eventually feeling free and liberated. The inspiration for this album came from working with the founder of Lonely Egg Studios, Jessica Fong. She openly shared her difficult time dealing with depression, but she has used those experiences to fuel her creativity and artistic vision. Things may be a little darker this time, but stick around and embark on this new journey with me.

Anireal is a project that explores the importance of storytelling with audio. This musical endeavor took three years to complete and blends lush organic and electronic sounds for an eccentric composition. Inspired by artists such as Zircon, Madeon, Crystal Method, Nobuo Uematsu, and Yuzo Koshiro, Schematist combines several genres and creates dynamic, melodic, and complex melodies that quiet the mind. Expect to experience colorful downbeat electronica, sweeping atmospheric tunes, aggressive big beat, World Fusion, breakbeat, and Glitch-Hop. Each track is heavily influenced by video game music and serves to take the listener to a new reality. This isn’t fake, make believe, or animated, its Anireal.

Composer/Producer: Calbert Warner
Lyricist/Vocals: Carmen Lookshire

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Materia Collective is a video game music record label which produces and releases creative interpretations of music you love. We exist to connect artists, arrangers, composers, instrumentalists, vocalists, and other creatives who share a passion for video game soundtracks. We bring homage to our favorite games in the form of collaborative music projects: we will produce, license, and release albums which showcase a wide array of talent and an amalgamation of styles and genres.



  • Last Line of Retreat
  • Frost Air Hockey
  • Afro Smash
  • Samurai Saga
  • Wicked Lair
  • Materia Collective
  • Cyberpunk 3776
  • Oraia Rift: Oracle of Oraia
  • Curiosity180
  • Megaman ZX Genesis